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Exchange / Refund Guarantee

What is Refund/Exchange Guarantee and why do I need it?

Sometimes we are so unlucky that we have been excited for weeks to see a concert, musical or long awaited event, and finally an unforeseen force majeure prevents us from being able to attend the event or forces us to change our plans to be able to attend the event for an alternative date. Our Refund/Exchange guarantee service gives you the peace of mind that in case this happens for any of the causes contemplated in the General Terms & Conditions of Refund/Exchange Guarantee Service mentioned in this document, you can recover the investment made at the entrances.

The General Terms & Conditions of Refund/Exchange Guarantee Service are mentioned below.

What coverage does General Terms & Conditions of Refund/Exchange Guarantee Service provide?

This service covers two area of Ticket Refund Guarantee Service as well as Ticket Exchange Guarantee Service with the below terms:

Ticket Refund Guarantee Service: This service protects you, the customer, against all unforeseen circumstances which will qualify you to full refund in the below scenarios:

o If an event is cancelled by the event organizer.

o If the main acts/talents of the show do not appear.

o If the event performance is delayed by more than 6 hours.

o If the event venue is changed.

o If there has been delays on customer flight travel. (Official supporting documents to be provided)

o If the customer could not attend the event due to medical reasons. (Official supporting documents to be provided)

- All claims must be submitted for review no later than 48 hours after the event Ticket date.

- Ticket processing fee is not subject to refund.

Ticket Exchange Guarantee Service: This service gives you full flexibility in situations that you decide to change your event date due to your scheduling conflict. In this Scenario, you will not be charged any fees for the exchange of date of your event based on the event’s availability.

In circumstances that you could not find a suitable replacement date to attend the event, due to non-availability of your desired ticket/seat, tickets will be non-refundable as it will not meet the Ticker Refund Guarantee Service Policy mentioned above, unless supporting documents are provided that would qualify the claim for refund.

Please note that all ticket exchange requests must be submitted no later than 48 hours to the event ticket date which you, the customer, have already purchased the ticket for.

Can someone who has received a ticket as a gift from a person, be able to change it’s event date under the Refund/Exchange Guarantee service?

In case you have gifted tickets to others or someone has gifted you the tickets and you would like to change the date of the event, the person who initially purchased the ticket should reach out to our customer service team on support@tixbox.com to be able to request such change. Please note that such request shall be placed with our customer service team no later than 48 hours to the event date you have already purchased ticket for. Please note that if exchange requests have been made later than 48 hours to the event date you purchased the tickets for, exchange service may not be available.

Who should I contact to request a refund or exchange of the tickets I purchased?

You can reach out to our customer service team on support@tixbox.com with your request, where our team would be able to respond to your request within 24-48 hours from receiving your email request. Please be mindful to place your requests within the timeline mentioned in this document to ensure that we can serve you best and to avoid any disappointment.

I have more questions about Cancellation Insurance.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to support@tixbox.com or call us on the numbers mentioned on www.TixBox.com for us to be able to assist you.