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Dubai Opera

THE LEGEND OF LOVE by Astana Ballet

  • 27 Oct - 28 Oct 2021
  • +2

“The Legend of Love” poetic interpretation has received phenomenon fame and accolades for its choreographer Yuri Grigorovich, who transformed this dramatic saga into a powerful performance of love, sacrifice and tragedy. From its spectacular choreography, its beautiful scenery, its enchanting oriental melodies and its captivating performance, every act transcends expectation beyond a doubt. This timeless ballet continues to mesmerize its audience 50 years later with outstanding duets exuding pure bliss and surrendered romance. Spectators are drawn in to experience pure love, passion as well as the struggles of obligations and sense of duty..

This ancient Persian legend depicts an epic story of a love triangle between Queen Mekhmene, her young sister, Shireen and the handsome young Ferkhad. When Shireen suffers from grave illness, it is the queen who must sacrifice her beauty to save her dying sister. While Shireen’s health blooms, the queen plunges into gloom and despair, as her beauty fades leaving her in a sense of turmoil. The sisters are further challenged when they both fall in love with the same man, Ferkhad, who must choose which one of the sisters he’s ready to give his heart to or follow his duty.

Astana Ballet ballerinas take its audience on to this remarkable journey capturing the anguish and sorrow of the sisters as they navigate through emotions of love, sacrifice and ultimate tragedy.

Choreography: Yuri Grigorovich

Music: Arif Melikov

Scenography and Costumes: Simon Virsaladze

Libretto: Nazim Hikmet